Cat Laser Therapy

Cat laser therapy may be the answer if your cat has shown signs of discomfort recently, either as a senior or post-surgery. Our veterinary staff at the feline-only Ann Arbor Animal Clinic is experienced with cat laser therapy for a range of conditions. Understand more about this gentle yet effective treatment.

Why Choose Cat Laser Therapy

Are you looking for a more natural and non-surgical approach to pain management? Do you want to support your cat’s natural healing process? Cat laser therapy can penetrate into affected tissues, stimulating cellular changes and reducing inflammation. With few pain management medications for cats, laser therapy is a safe and worthwhile treatment, eliciting their body’s own healing processes to reduce pain.

This treatment can be used to address chronic pain, reduce scarring and shorten recovery time, such as after surgery. Your cat may also enjoy enhanced mobility with one or more cat laser therapy sessions.  

Cat Laser Therapy

Cat Laser Therapy

What Is Cat Laser Therapy?

Cat laser therapy is safe and non-invasive, producing no discomfort in your cat. In this therapy, low-frequency light is applied to specific areas through a handheld wand. All participants wear protective goggles during a treatment session.

This type of therapy stimulates cell growth regeneration and improvements may be noticed after a single treatment, although multiple sessions may be required depending on the condition and other factors. Cat laser therapy prompts reactions such as muscle relaxation, a reduction in inflammation, an increase in blood circulation, a release of endorphins, and quicker tissue repair.

Cat Laser Therapy and Veterinary Care

Cat laser therapy is a useful therapeutic tool for a variety of conditions found in feline companions, including disc disease, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, lick granulomas, and sprains and strains. Your cat vet care may include cat laser therapy to address recovery and pain management for acute conditions or to tend to scars, inflammation, and more in cats with a chronic condition. Your cat’s treatment plan may also incorporate other services like cold laser therapy, ultrasonography, radiography, and parasite prevention.

Since 1988, our veterinary team has been exclusively addressing the needs of cats at our veterinary hospital in Washtenaw County. Our veterinarian and staff at Ann Arbor Animal Clinic are committed to the standards established by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), providing the highest quality of veterinary care to cats and kittens. Contact us at (734) 973-9090 to schedule your cat’s laser therapy consultation today.