“I’ve been bringing my cat Hallie to AACC for over a year now. They’ve been very knowledgeable and helpful about her health. Recently, she’s been losing weight and hasn’t been getting enough food and water. Dr. Lynch recommended that I can give her an appetite stimulant of this continues. Hallie is also very easily stressed when she visits the vet. They recommended that next visit, they can provide her with something to calm her down before I bring her in. I always feel satisfied with the level of care I receive. I highly recommend visiting. They will do everything they can to make sure your cat is safe and comfortable.”
-Ashlynn A., Google

“Great vets who really understand cats and care about them.”
-Lana K., Google

“These people are the best. It’s a cats-only clinic, and everyone there loves and understands cats. I wouldn’t take my cat anywhere else.”
-Sue H., Facebook

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-Lipsum, Facebook

“Excellent cat care. The vets are terrific.”
-Yolanda J., Facebook

“They’ve taken great care of my senior kitty.”
-D.M. Prymek, Google

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“They have kind and generous hearts and I appreciate all the staff and fosters for all they do”
-Lori H., Facebook

“Compassionate for helping homeless cats and kittens by having an adoption program.”
-Emily K., Google

“Great staff. They told us all of our options helped us make the right choices. Were very helpful.”
-Dean H., Google

“I came in nervous and worried and completely overwhelmed. Their staff was so kind and obviously cares greatly for cats. Dr. Lynch spent so much time go over my kitties and listening to my concerns. The exam was very thorough, and I was really impressed that I spent most of my visit with the vet, which had not been my experience at my previous vet. You could tell that she was very knowledgeable and loves cats. I feel confident that we’re getting top-quality care. I’ll be back for sure!”
-Madeline M., Facebook

“We’ve used The Ann Arbor Cat Clinic for years. Best vets for cats in Ann Arbor.”
-Dan M., Google

“I love them, they are all kind and caring. have been going there for years.”
-Ann C., Facebook