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boardingBasic Boarding

Our feline guests are housed in a separate boarding room to reduce stress. We offer 2 cage options; single cage or double cage. The single cage is a 3′ by 3′ space which allows enough room for food, water, sleeping area, and a litter box. The double cage is 2 singles connected by a porthole. This allows the kitty to keep their litter boxes separate from their sleeping and feeding area. Single cages are only available for day boarding. Any cats staying overnight, or multiple nights, will be required to have a double cage. This is for their own health and happiness.

We recommend bringing food for your cat, especially if they are on a prescription diet. This will minimize upset stomachs from sudden diet change. Cats can also be rather finicky, and many will be reluctant to eat a brand new food. If you do forget to bring food though, we will feed a mix of Science Diet Adult, Light, and Oral Care. We also have a full line of prescription diets available for purchase. All boarding areas are fully cleaned and sanitized (including litterboxes!) at least twice daily following a proper sanitation protocol used throughout the clinic.

All boarded cats are thoroughly monitored twice daily to track food/water intake, urine and feces output, instances of vomiting or other abnormal behavior, and also get regular weight checks while with us. We welcome boarders who require medications; this includes diabetics, cats requiring sub-q fluids, and oral and/or injectable medications.

Medical Boarding

We offer boarding for cats requiring medical care, including those on daily medications, those on subcutaneous fluid therapy, those being observed for seizure activity, self-trauma (nose rubbing, chewing, etc.), cats with chronic disease that need regular bloodwork, and those needing care such as bandage changes or hand-feeding.

We also have an isolation ward for cats who may have communicable diseases.

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