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Purresa - ADOPTED

We have a very special adoptable kitten to introduce today <3 Purresa was found on the side of the road by a kind person who thought she may have been hit by a car since she couldn't move well. She was brought to us, and it was quickly determined that her mobility issues were not from trauma, but likely from an inherited neurological condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).

Cerebellar hypoplasia causes balance issues and makes simple things like walking, eating, and using the litterbox a little more difficult. Purresa doesn't let her wobbles get in the way of being a happy kitten though! She plays, she socializes, and she gets around to the best of her ability. She is extremely affectionate and really lives up to her name. It's basically a nonstop purr.

Purresa requires a bit of extra maintenance due to her wobbles. She's sometimes a little dirty, since she often partially lays in her food to eat, so a stash of baby wipes is a good thing to have on hand. She tries really hard to get in a litter box, but sometimes can't quite balance correctly, so a couple puppy pee pads around her litterbox help keep things clean. She is pretty uncoordinated and could injure herself falling down stairs, so a baby gate blocking access to stairs is a good idea - or just a one level room/home to call her own!
Despite being a bit of extra work, CH cats can live long and healthy lives. There are plenty of resources about living with a CH cat, and it can be extremely rewarding to adopt one of these special kitties. You can find more info about CH at the following websites:


If you think you may be the special person to give this special kitten a chance - come meet her at the clinic

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