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Max and Mariah - ADOPTED

Max is a BIG, handsome 2 year old neutered male and Mariah is a petite little pixie. They were returned to the clinic after 2 years with a loving family. Unfortunately their owner had some personal issues and is unable to care for them any longer. This sweet pair is finding the clinic to be a bit overwhelming. They'd like to get back to a quiet adult home where they can just relax and enjoy life.

Both Max and Mariah are very sweet and playful once they get to know you. Now that they are comfortable with our staff, they love to get pets and enjoy toy time. Max especially loves wand toys that fly through the air.

Max and Mariah are both sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated, and current on parasite prevention. They must be adopted as a pair, and there is a discounted adoption fee.


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