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Dick Clark-ADOPTED

dick2Dick Clark - this handsome boy is a total gentle giant! DC is a big moose of a cat, weighing over 13 pounds. He is a total love bug and enjoys being held and cuddled.

DC was found stray and had obviously been fending for himself on the streets for awhile. He had some broken canine teeth, some old scars, and his paw pads appear to have suffered frostbite. He was also unneutered,
covered in fleas, and harboring quite the roundworm infestation. After treatments and a neuter, he's feeling like a brand new man and is ready to find a home!

Sadly, DC does bear more than just scars from his life on the streets. He did test positive for FIV (Feline immunodeficiency Virus) which is passed through deep bite wounds. Luckily for DC, we know that FIV kitties can still live long, healthy, and happy lives! Many FIV+ kitties even coexist with non-infected kitties. The disease can make them more susceptible to other diseases so simple things such keeping up on regular vaccines and annual exams can go a long way towards keeping an FIV+ kitty healthy. If you are looking for a big, handsome, and super sweet boy - come meet Dick Clark. This dude just wants a nice home where he can relax, nap, eat, and be doted on by a loving family. We are happy to discuss any questions regarding his FIV status.

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